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Young interns have sex in the office

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Maybe working in an office where porn sites are managed among others was not the best job for these two young interns. at first the idea of ​​working in that company drove them crazy, imagine all day watching guys naked and fucking. but they soon realized that their erections lasted for hours and that there was no way to lower them. it was normal that at 18 they only thought about fucking, and even more so seeing what they saw every day on their computer screens, that's why when one of them approached his partner to see what he was doing, he could not control himself. he bent down and pulled his cock out with the intention of sucking it. they were alone, surely he had been waiting for that moment for months until it finally happened. the other boy is not exactly protesting, he let her do what he also wanted. and there were the two young men having oral sex. suddenly the one who had started it all undressed, seeing him the other boy was also naked. soon after he was on his cock while he penetrated it. fucking in the office or at work is a dream or a fetish for many, they both did it. in the end the young man emptied himself in the face of his coworker. it had been an unforgettable experience that they would surely repeat again if they did not get fired first.
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