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Today i’m going to fuck a straight guy

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It was the first time he experimented with the male sex, he had always been with girls. but of course that marked him as he never imagined. the other boy boasted of fucking a straight guy, the truth is that it is not an easy thing to achieve and many of us see it as a kind of challenge. but he not only did it, he also made him feel an unimaginable pleasure for him. first he started by eating his cock and you only have to see that guy's face and his gestures to realize how much he was enjoying feeling like a man. i was doing a blowjob. after oral sex, it was the straight guy who penetrated the other boy's ass to fuck him as if it were an aunt, but it was a man's ass and that made him very horny. in the end the two ended up cumming, and after that fuck they stayed in bed joking about what had happened.
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