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The young man was for sale

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It was quite a contested auction, but ultimately it was this wealthy mature who won it. his purchase was nothing more than a complacent young man, who undoubtedly knew what he had bought it for. he approached his owner, who was lying there in bed waiting for the favors of this boy. the young man was already practically naked, so he began to undress the mature man until his tail was removed. then on all fours and while he was showing his little ass, he began to suck his cock very slowly, he wanted him to enjoy until the last second before he came, it was a good blowjob and he got what he wanted, which was to get it hard so that he could penetrate him without problems. feeling his erect penis, she got on top of him and let him enter her ass. the mature man was quite excited and ended up fucking him hard until he finally came over the boy's eggs. the young man ended with his mouth open impressed by the fuck that the gentleman had just hit him, without a doubt the purchase had been worth it.
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