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The father that every boy would want to have

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Every youngster wishes he had a father who cares about him. when he got home and told him that his father had heavy shoulders, he didn't even think about it, he quickly went to massage the area. he told him to take off his shirt, but what the boy did not know is that that was precisely dangerous since he was going to get horny quickly. it did not take long for the mature man to throw himself into the boy's mouth to kiss him, and he returned the kisses. then he pulled out his tail and the boy gave him a blowjob. after sucking it was when the mature man penetrated his ass to fuck him on the sofa at home, something that the young man would have dreamed of many times and now it was finally real. it was a pretty intense fuck and in the end his father came on his small chest . then they kissed while looking at each other, it was clear that this had to be a secret.
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