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Surprised by the maintenance guy

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He was lying on his bed naked with his hard cock jerking off when he suddenly saw the maintenance boy through his window. he was the one in charge of cleaning the windows, and seeing him in that pose got quite hot. surely it is the dream of many, to go wank and have a guy appear in front of our noses and want to have sex. once they both saw each other and they didn't even think about it, she invited him in and there it all began in her bed. i don't know which of the two was hotter, but the young man did see a unique opportunity to try his sex toys in his own room. he blindfolded the maintenance guy while he sucked his cock, then he spanked him a few times until his ass was very red, and he even used his sucker with his tail, then they fucked while with a lit candle they threw burning wax, anyone would sign for having a day like this young man.
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