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Penetrates your son’s drunk until he wakes up

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Once again his son returned from a party totally drunk and fell asleep in his bed until many in the morning, that as a father could not allow it. he went to see him and found that he was still drunk and totally asleep, so his feverish mind began to think of other things. as she looked at him he felt his cock get really hard and so looking at him he began to touch himself. then she thought that maybe she could touch him to get a little more excited and she did. but the point came that he was so horny he couldn't control anymore. he took off his clothes, grabbed his hands, and the boy was still totally asleep. he even licked his anus, it was clear what he was going to do soon after. he ate his cock for a while and found that even when he was asleep he could get hard, that made him even more horny. it was then when he grabbed his cock and without thinking it more, he put his son in the ass. the boy was still sleeping while he was fucking him, but soon after he woke up. seeing his father fucking him shocked him, of course, but he also didn't tell him to stop. at the end of that experience father and son ended up cumming together.
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