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Old man fucks his young neighbor before her boyfriend arrives

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This older man found his young neighbor and took the opportunity to complain. their complaints were based on the fact that at night they made a lot of noise when they fucked. this surprised the young man, but with the intention of apologizing, he invited him to his house so that the three of them could talk about it. however, the old man was not willing to wait for his boyfriend to arrive. shortly after being there, he got close to the young man and they both began to kiss even though they knew it would not take long for the other boy to arrive. seeing the old man naked was like seeing a bear, his elegant suit gave him an image, but his manly body the older man covered in hair and chubby had his morbid point too. it was precisely the mature man who penetrated and fucked the boy, and this time he did not care at all that he made noise. luckily the boy's partner did not arrive, but surely that same night if they fucked he would masturbate listening to them knowing that he had tried that young ass.
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