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Old businessman fucks a client

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The boy went to a well-known company where he met with his manager. he just wanted to surprise his mother, and they were supposed to take care of everything. but what he did not count on is that the manager was a fat old degenerate who only thought about sex. after chatting for a while, the old man took him little by little to his land, although the truth is that the boy did not resist either. both wanted it and at that time they were alone, so the manager who was used to taking the initiative also did it this time.they got naked and the client sucked his executive's cock, he was fat and he was old, he did not shoot him backwards, rather the opposite since it was morbid. after the blowjob, he felt how it penetrated him from behind, his belly collided against his back while he put his cock, and that made him horny. you could tell that it was not with the first client who had sexual intercourse, and at least he had the prudence to put on a condom, that if, in the end, he ran on the boy's chest, which undoubtedly hired his professional services.
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