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If you know how to wear it, why do you get naked?

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The young man knew perfectly well that his father liked cocks, but even so he felt no shame in showing himself naked in front of him. it was then that the mature man told him clearly, that he was making him horny. the young man was laughing, after all they were father and son and things would not happen from there, or at least he thought so. but he wanted to try and go a little further, so then in the kitchen he asked for a little massage. the father, horny lost, began to massage him. but it didn't take long for him to slide down to find that dick he had just seen and put it in his mouth. he sucked it while the boy closed his eyes from pleasure while holding his father's head to feel the rhythm of the blowjob. it didn't take long for him to cum in her mouth, and the embarrassed father spat the milk into the sinks. but it did not end there, a few days later they came back to his face and gave him a new blowjob. however, this time it was not going to be only in oral sex, they went to the marriage room where his father slept with his mother, only this time it was the mature man who ended up penetrated and also by his own son.
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