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I have penetrated my stepfather in a hotel, it is our secret

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When i found out that my new father was bisexual, my sky lit up. i couldn't stop thinking about him in a totally sexual way. i knew that he was with my mother and that he was not accessible to me, and besides, he should not. but my instinct and my hormones wouldn't allow it, i wanted it. it was so obvious to me that one day fooling around with him alone i asked him what he thought if we ever went to a hotel. the man said yes, but not to tell anyone, that it had to be our secret. as soon as the day came, we both knew what was going to happen, so lying on the bed we began to undress. impatience showed, i was wanting to get his cock out of his pants. but what less than a few preliminaries, so we sucked our cocks until i decided that i was going to fuck his ass. i put him on all fours on the bed and stuffed him whole. it was so hot that i thought that my cock was going to melt inside him, that i would get horny the pig. then she lay down completely, in true pillow bite style, that made me even more. i knew i had it under my control and that i was making him enjoy it a lot more than my mother. then i turned him around and fucked him face to face, he wrapped his legs around me while penetrating him. that was too much for me, so i took the cock out of his ass and i ran on his face leaving his beard full of my cum. he also came at the same time. that day at the hotel, neither of us will forget.
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