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His father was asleep when he started sucking her

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Father and son watched television as in so many other families. since their mother left home, they both live together and share all kinds of intimacies. but that night something happened that had never happened before, and that is that the young man became very hot. he looked back and there he saw his father asleep in bed calmly. she approached him and almost unintentionally pulled out his cock while he was still asleep and put it in his mouth. he began to suck on his father's cock with such eagerness that the man woke up. he immediately asked him what he was doing, but the boy just smiled, it was obvious that he wanted to go much further with his beloved dad. what he really wanted was to fuck his father's ass, and in the end he got it. she started to fuck him from behind without stopping while the man enjoyed his son's cock until the boy came into the mouth of the man he used to call father.
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