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His brother was recording it with his mobile, he caught it

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He couldn't help the fact that his brother was sexually attracted to him by talking. the truth is that he was an attractive, muscular guy with an incredible physique. whenever he could, he tried to see her naked body, especially when he showered. on that occasion he got so horny that he wanted to have it recorded so he could masturbate as soon as he could. he grabbed his cell phone and began recording while the young man showered and lathered his totally naked body.but without him expecting it, she turned around and caught him. he immediately got out of the shower annoyed with him and chased him to the room where he went to take refuge. there he took away his mobile and he could see how he had been recording it. he asked why he did that and the answer was obvious, he liked it and it made him hot.maybe he was not expecting it, but after realizing it, his brother also got horny, so he undressed him and they both started having oral sex. they even did a 69 sucking each other's cocks, until they finally penetrated their ass.
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