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He tried to seduce his neighbor and it went well

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Many of us have ever met that sexy neighbor who makes us so horny, but it is difficult to enter them when their interest is not clear. this guy however doesn't cut too much. first he puts a hand on his man, but his neighbor backed away alarmed by the boy's possible intentions. they kept talking and he already went for all of them holding his package directly with his hand. it had put him in a complicated situation where he had to respond affirmatively or negatively. she thought about it for a moment with the boy's hand on his cock and finally took him inside the house. once there the two undressed showing their furry breasts in the purest bear style, although their bodies were not fat, quite the contrary . once in bed he began to suck the dick that he had caught on the street a while before, and soon after it was his neighbor who penetrated her ass until they came cumming.
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