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He fucks his sleeping sister’s boyfriend

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Her sister slept with her boyfriend while the brother made another bed. when the girl woke up she went to call her boyfriend, but the boy did not wake up. seeing him there peacefully asleep, she could not think of anything else to get into bed with him, taking advantage of the fact that his sister was not in the room. she started to touch him and saw that the boy really was not reacting, he was sleeping quite deep or maybe he was hangover. either way, he pulled her underwear down and began to touch her ass and even suck his cock. the young man was not reacting, or perhaps he imagined that it was his girlfriend who was doing it to him, but he was still asleep. as he turned around, it occurred to him to try to penetrate him, so he took out his cock and carefully shoved it up his ass. after a while he woke up scared, he did not know what was happening. but when she saw that excited boy fucking her from behind, she decided to continue what she had started. the two of them fucked behind the girl, who had innocently left the room to let them sleep, but what they did was fuck without her knowing.
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