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Father fucks his son, he just wanted a massage but …

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Her son came home exhausted and sore, he needed a good massage to tune his body. his father offered, the old green man took every opportunity that involved touching a young body with his hands, even if it was his son's. that was how she began to massage him, but slowly it went lower and lower until it reached her buttocks. without asking permission, he removed her underpants and started playing with her anus. as her son did not resist, he went further and further until he began to lubricate his hole with his own saliva. it was clear that he was preparing him for penetration and it did not take long, that was how he opened the quota and, after undressing completely, he penetrated his own son putting it in his small and tight ass. the boy enjoyed that depraved sexual relationship like never in his life, today he details it as the best he has ever lived.
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