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Don’t be afraid son, it’s just sex

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When his father suggested it, the boy couldn't help but back down a little scared. it was about having sex, and it was no longer that it was doing it with a man and also older, it was that it was his own father. however, the mature man insisted again and again that it was only about sex, that he did not give it importance. but actually he had reason to be afraid, since his father was quite a beast with the boy, first he asked him to undress and he did. then he put his own underwear in her mouth with the intention of not making noise. after that with his belt he passed it up his ass, he had him totally subdued. then he laid him on the couch and began to jerk him off, the young man was very hard. he put his cock in her mouth, but it didn't take long for him to get on all fours to shove it up his ass and thus fuck him. it was certainly an experience for both of them, although the boy lost his fear of course.
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