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Do you want to see what your father is capable of?

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He had just arrived from work at the hospital, he looked tired and his son told him so. but the man certainly still had the strength and was more than willing to prove it to his son. he wanted to teach him the material that he used to use as a doctor, the boy was curious. he didn't take long to give her a hands-on class on biology, as he undressed and showed her his penis. he told her that he could touch it, and at the same time he touched the young man. almost immediately that young man who seemed so innocent bent down and began to suck his father's cock, possibly it was what he expected. after that he decided to penetrate him, put him on all fours and put it up his ass. shortly after they went to bed where the boy lay on his back, his father was going to do everything. he put it back in while the young man clenched his teeth. in fact, his son was the first to come, although instantly the mature man also ejaculated.
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