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Do you like me to do this to you son?

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This degenerate old man was long after his stepson. young men made him horny despite the fact that he was married. but the one who especially warmed him was his stepson. they had been left alone at home and it was the moment that pervert took the opportunity to go look for the boy with the intention of having sex with him. apparently the young man was waiting for him, he used to have wet dreams with his new stepfather. so just seeing him appear they both kissed passionately. that he was married to his mother didn't seem to matter much to him, on the contrary, he liked that even more.after undressing each other, the mature man ate his cock and then licked his feet while asking him if he liked that. the young man was surprised, he did not imagine that his stepfather was so vicious, but that was a point in his favor, of course. then it was the young man who sucked the old man's cock.they both knew that having anal sex was wrong, after all they were in-laws and the man had to be a father. but a little oral sex, blowjobs, kisses and touching would not hurt anyone ... so they did not even think about it and they spent one of the best afternoons of their lives even without reaching penetration.
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