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Did you forget that i am your father?

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He was her son, but he seemed to have forgotten about that. it was clear that he idolized his father, always looked at him closely, and there sitting on the sofa he began to fantasize and imagine that he had sex with him. he wanted to make it happen, so he began to touch him lustfully. his father, on the other hand, took his hand away reminding him that this was wrong, that they were family. but the boy insisted until in the end he managed to make him hot. that was how they both went to bed and the mature man undressed. that moment was used by the boy to give him a blowjob, although soon after he also undressed so that he could fuck with him in conditions. it was the father who penetrated his son's ass, the boy wanted it that way. he fucked her in his bed until they both came cumming. then they stood there looking at each other, being aware of what they had just done.
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