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Aren’t you going too fast?

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The two friends had gone out like so many other times, but after spending a while on the street it started to rain. it was the opportunity that one of them wanted to take advantage of to invite his friend home. once there they sat on the sofa and the perverted part of that young man began to emerge, which began to insinuate itself in a quite obvious way. his friend was a little nervous about it, but when he asked if he was cheering up he said yes, that's when he anxiously started kissing and undressing him, but his friend said he was going too fast. he reassured him that nothing was wrong and continued until he was completely naked and his cock was only for him. he gave him a blowjob and that of course reassured him while making him very hot. shortly after, he told her that he was going to penetrate him, he prepared his cock and put it inside his ass while he clenched his teeth tightly. he did it bareback, of course, and in the end both ended up cumming while they sucked it off. of course his friend liked that much more than he ever imagined.
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